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TGOver the last few weeks, our daughter has been thinking of different ways to work on her Love Project for St. Jude. She has already made announcements to the CrossKids Ministry at our Church. She has gone door to door in our neighborhood handing out flyers she made. She has asked a few places for donations and then asked if there were any restaurants that would help her collect toys if she brought them a collection box.

My very first thought was Trussville Grill. Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen Owner Levert Jackson embody what Community should be. When families were stranded with the Ice Storms, Mr. Jackson offered stranded motorists extended hours with a warm place, and free coffee and hot chocolate. He then took it a step further and offered free meals to men and women who spent their time helping stranded motorists during the ice storm. He has also led efforts to raise money for a family who recently experienced the sudden death of a parent, and “adopted” a local family for Christmas to provide a meal and gifts. And… get this, one day he even offered a 10% discount on meals if you brought in your Church Bulletin… who does that anymore?? Mr. Jackson does!

Whenever we look to partner with someone for one of Jordyn’s Love Projects, we look for people and businesses who have the same value system we try to instill in our kids. When Jordyn started this foundation at 6 years old, she called it a Faith, Hope, and Love Ministry. Faith of a Child, Hope for Families, and Love for Jesus. So, I knew right away that if Trussville Grill was willing, they would be a great business to partner with.

While at Trussville Grill one night for dinner, Jordyn and I went up to Mr. Jackson and she told him who she was, that she was trying to collect 2,000 toys for the sick children at St. Jude’s, and asked if he could help. Without even hesitating, Mr. Jackson agreed and asked her to bring in a box to collect the toys! Jordyn was so incredibly excited and could not stop talking about how amazing this was.

Two nights ago, we dropped off the Collection Box that Jordyn decorated with chalk paint and chalk (she had a BLAST) and Jordyn taped up her sign! She even brought her tape from home just in case the store didn’t have any – precious girl. The next morning we woke up to find that once again Mr. Jackson went above and beyond by offering 10% off a meal purchase for anyone who brings in a toy for St. Jude. How incredibly sweet is that?? So, in turn, we decided we’d sweeten the pot as well!!

For anyone who brings in a toy to Trussville Grill between now and April 13th, we’d like you to take a picture of yourself with the toy at The Red Zone Wall and post it to the Faith Like a Child Facebook Page. On April 14th, we will choose up to 5 photos to receive a special THANK YOU GIFT!

Thank you Mr. Jackson for your willingness to help our daughter and for being a such an incredible example of a servant-leader! Our community is a better place because of YOU!! So the only question that remains is… who wants to go to TRUSSVILLE GRILL?

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