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Jordyn is $24 away from needing to raise LESS than $1000 to give Jenna and her family this trip to Disney. She is SO close friends!!! She has decided to make a painting for whatever family breaks that $1000 mark.

Here is your chance to always have a piece of Jordyn’s very first Love Project!

To donate, please click on the paypal link on the right! Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Within 5 minutes of each other, 3 people donated to FLAC. Therefore, Jordyn decided to make a painting for all three families. We then received another donation and she decided to make a painting for that family as well. So NOW… Jordyn has decided that she will make a Princess Painting (and have it signed at Disney World) for ANYONE who donates to FLAC today! (Can I have a mommy moment here where I admit that she is making my head spin?!?!)

Jordyn is literally jumping up and down and is so excited to be SO close – less than $900 now AND to top it off, everyone who donates will ALSO be eligible for the HASBRO games or gift cards from our Jan/Feb Fundraiser which runs until February 16th!

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