FLAC.flexFaith Like A Child, Inc. was inspired and founded by our daughter Jordyn. In her young age, she has already experienced multiple moves, the death of her sister, three failed adoptions, and her mama fighting cancer. Through it all, Jordyn’s heart has remained precious in her desire to love and help other people who are hurting.

We have a tradition we call “Love Projects” in our family, where we look for ways to meet the needs of others. Jordyn gets so excited and can’t wait to start every time we share a new project for our family to work on. In fact, she will often ask us to do more. In her own words, she helps others “because God loves me, and He wants me to help other people, because it’s the right thing to do!”

Faith Like A Child, Inc. has been created to help Jordyn realize her dreams of helping families going through hard times, by giving them something to look forward to. She wants to “help people who are sick and have dreams, make their dreams come true!”

Faith Like A Child, Inc. and these Love Projects are not about Jordyn! Any display of love coming from our daughter, or our family, is simply the work of Jesus Christ in and through our lives. We have been saved by His grace alone, and can’t help but share the incredible love of our Creator and Savior! Our hope is that any good that comes out of this journey will not be about us, but will be a reflection of the goodness of God!

Jordyn’s first Love Project (that she came up with) was to bring 15 year old Jenna and her family to Disney World, after Jenna has finished her chemotherapy for brain cancer. She has since gone on to create and complete two other major Love Projects, including filling 1,002 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, and collecting and delivering 2,187 toys to the children at St. Jude.

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  1. Jordyn,
    Words can not even begin to express how wonderful this is for Jenna and her family. Thank you for showing God’s love to them and those around you! We serve a more than enough God who is going bless you for blessing others! Keep up the amazing work!
    God Bless,

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