From Dad and Mom

We are Todd and Erica, Jordyn’s parents.

Jordyn is our miracle child.

In all reality, she should not exist.

When we found out we were going to be first time parents, we knew above all else we desired to instill in our children to love God and love others. As one way of teaching this to our children, we have developed a tradition in our family called Love Projects, where we intentionally look for ways that we can serve others. As Jordyn prepared for 1st grade, we asked our sweet girl to think of a big Love Project she could do that we could incorporate into her schooling for the year.

Now, when we made this suggestion, we (her parents) were thinking along the lines of gathering and filling a few boxes for Operation Christmas Child, or adopting a family in need for Christmas. However, Jordyn came to us with way BIGGER dreams of what she wanted to do. In fact, the first Love Project she came up with was to send a family to Disney World after their 15 year old daughter finished chemotherapy for brain cancer. (I’m going to go ahead and thank Ty Pennington and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for that one!)

We admit it took everything in us not to try and get her to think smaller. However, for some reason we stopped, and instead of immediately saying “no”, “that’s too big”, or “honey, that’s just not practical” (as we have in the past), we asked her how she would make this dream happen. Her big green eyes got even bigger, and she immediately rambled off 11 different ways she could raise money, who she wanted to talk to, and how she wanted to do this.

We were stunned and had a decision to make. Were we going to allow her to proceed, or were we going to sway her in a different direction, a more “reasonable” direction?

We realized as parents, we need to stop putting our own limitations of what is and isn’t possible on our children because we have lost our ability to think and dream big. We have set up our own boundaries of what we think is or isn’t doable due to our life circumstances and our own reality (at least how we see it). But, these are our issues, not theirs. Why not let our children DREAM BIG, then come alongside them, support their ideas, and their precious hearts?

In saying, “YES” to Jordyn, we are experiencing the pure beauty in her child-like faith, because she has absolutely no limitations, no boundaries, no financial concerns (or concept of money), and no idea of what is or isn’t possible. She simply wants to do something special for a family and therefore she is finding ways to get it done. There is no doubt in her sweet mind she can and will do this. And along the way, Jordyn is reminding us how to live a life with no limitations with a pure and simple faith in God to see her through.

Please let us be clear, Faith Like A Child, Inc. and these Love Projects are not about Jordyn! Any display of love coming from our daughter, or our family, is simply the work of Jesus Christ in and through our lives. We have been saved by His grace alone, and can’t help but share the incredible love of our Creator and Savior! Our hope is that any good that comes out of this journey will not be about us, but will be a reflection of the goodness of God!

Faith Like A Child, Inc. has been created as Jordyn’s way of helping realize her dreams of helping others. Big or small, these ideas are all hers. We’d love for you to follow her journey and learn along with us.

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  1. You are an inspiration and encourage me to try harder myself to help those around me. Great job! I know many people will be thankful for you love and help!

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