1. How are decisions made at Faith Like A Child, Inc.?

The day to day decisions of how Jordyn implements her goals are done collaboratively by Jordyn, and her parents Todd and Erica. All decisions of which families Jordyn chooses to help in the future, will go before the Faith Like A Child, Inc. Board Members for a vote.

2. What happens if you raise more money than you need for your current Love Project?

Due the awesomeness of people, we recognize there may be times when we raise more money than we need for a specific Love Project. If this happens, we will bring our recommendations to the Board of Directors for a vote to either 1) Create a College Fund for the children in the family, 2) Use the money for any uncovered medical expenses, or 3) Carry the donations on to the next Love Project.

3. How will Jordyn choose a family to help in the future?

At this time, we are only allowing Jordyn to help families we already know. In fact, at this time, we already have two families in mind that we have been praying for!

4. What can we do to help?

Please see the Fundraiser pages for a variety of ways you can help.

5. 70% of the sales price from The Staycation Jar go to Faith Like A Child, Inc., so, where does the other 30% go?

The other 30% are Amazon listing fees!

6. Does Faith Like A Child, Inc. offer tax-deductions for charitable donations?

At this time, we are a legal entity in our State, and are applying for tax-exempt status with the Federal Government. This process can take 2-4 months, and once approved is usually backtracked to the date of incorporation. We make no guarantees we will be able to provide tax-deductions, but will let you know once we receive word from the IRS.

7. Can we contact Faith Like A Child, Inc?

You may email love@faithlikeachildinc.com. ALL correspondence will be screened, monitored, and filtered by the management team.

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