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LiberiaWe have heard from a lot of people that they would love to pack a shoebox gift for Operation Christmas Child, but their church is not participating in this program and they do not know what to do. Friends, if you are in this boat, we have a solution for you, and would love for you to join us!

In addition to the Youth Group Challenge, Jordyn is also packing her own shoeboxes and we’d love to invite you to create a Best Friend Box following these 6 steps:

  1. Find a standard size shoebox or plastic box with lid. If you wrap the shoebox, please wrap the box and lid separately.
  2. Choose whether you will pack the box for a boy or girl and their age group.
  3. Print off Label below and tape to the lid of your box.
  4. Fill the shoebox with gifts (see our list of 100 items to put into a shoebox gift).
  5. Include a $7 donation per shoebox to help cover shipping costs. If you do this donation online, you can even track your box with a special label and will receive an email when your gift arrives at it’s destination.
  6. Drop it off at one of the OCC Hubs nearest you. Check out this link to find a drop off location nearest you!


You can also check out this link for more detailed information of how to pack your own Shoebox Gift.

If you plan to participate in this #BestFriendBox Program, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook Page. Drop us a note and let us know where you are from and how many boxes you are packing! Then, after your shoebox is packed, please post a picture of you and your gifts to our page, Faith Like a Child, Inc with the hashtag #BestFriendBox. We’d love to be able to track where the Best Friend Boxes are coming from!

What would you pack in this box for your best friend?

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