Big Week: Crazy fun!!

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DSC_2855Hi friends!! Thanks so much to all of you who shared our post, Goal Met: Mind Blown from yesterday. It has been so much fun to read all your comments on Facebook and to see the excitement growing for this upcoming week.

Here are a couple of details for this week, along with a couple of prayer requests!

1. Alabama’s 13 is excited to film Faith Like A Child’s shopping spree from the donations collected last week at the Launch Conference. We are in the process of working out a date and time (hopefully tomorrow) and have three different stores we are considering. Today we will be scouting prices so we can maximize the donations received and this afternoon, we will make a decision. Each store has unique reasons to partner with, so please pray that we would make the best decision.

2. We have a date and time set to deliver the toys to St. Jude this week. Please be praying for us as we travel, meet some of the staff, and tour the facility!! Due to Jordyn’s age, we will not be allowed to volunteer at the Easter Party  as we were hoping to. St. Jude works very hard to keep the children with compromised immune systems safe and we completely respect their regulations. Jordyn’s hope from the very beginning of this Love Project was to get these toys for the kids for Easter. And, thanks to so many people who have given toys and financial support along the way, paired with the generous donation from last week, Jordyn will be able to reach both of her goals. Only God!

3. Please pray for the logistics. We will need to rent a U-Haul to bring all these toys to St. Jude (isn’t that an AMAZING problem to have?). We also need to make sure we have enough boxes, and will spend Thursday organizing/sorting the toys into categories. St. Jude is not requiring this, we just thought it would make it easier for the staff to have an inventory of the books/toys that were donated and have the boxes labeled accordingly. (This is one of the problems with having 4 first-borns in our family! HA!).

Yesterday I spoke with one of the staff members at St. Jude who told me that every toy or book that has been donated is a “medicine of friendship”.

Friends, these sweet children will likely never know your name. In fact, they will likely never even know about Faith Like A Child – and that’s okay!! Our hope all along has been that these boys and girls will see the heart behind the cards, toys and books they receive! We want each one of them to know there are people thinking of, praying for, and cheering them on while going through a very scary time in their lives. So, thank you for not only coming alongside us in this Love Project, but for your investment in these precious boys and girls. We could not have reached our goal without you!

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