4 Children, 4 Needs For Healing

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There isn’t anything that can get me (Erica) emotional quicker than a child fighting cancer or a life-threatenting disease.

We are currently praying, praying, PRAYING for the following families. I wish you could hear the sweetness of prayers from Jordyn as she prayers with the expectation that God will make them all okay. Have I recently told ya’ll how much we are learning from her?!?

Will you join us in praying for these 4 children?

1) Jenna is a 15 year old sweetheart who just started Cycle 3 of chemo yesterday, and she had a ROUGH day. Please pray for Jenna and her family. Once she is done with Cycle 3, she is expected to have another 3 cycles of chemo, and the family knows the longer the chemo goes, the more difficult this will be for their sweet girl.

2) Sophia is a 22 month old precious baby girl with Down’s Syndrome, who has also been recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She started Cycle 1 yesterday. Please pray this chemo will eliminate all of the cancer in her bloodstream.

3) Silas is a 4 year old boy who has an aggressive form of liver cancer. After 10 cycles of chemo and 6 weeks in remission, his cancer came back and he is now in need of a liver transplant. He will be starting chemo again to buy him some time so the doctors can figure out how to proceed.

4) Isaac is a gorgeous baby boy with CHARGE Syndrome. In his 143 days of life, he has spent 103 of those days in the hospital, where he currently is once again. It appears his medical condition is getting worse.

Friends, please pray for these sweet, precious, amazing children. The good news?!?! Every single one of these children are being raised by parents who love Jesus and know that God is the Ultimate Healer, source of Comfort, and Provider. Please pray that GOD will meet their financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Please pray that God would HEAL these children and that HIS glory would be displayed through their lives!

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