Cinderella: God’s Got This!

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This drawing was done by Jordyn and signed by Cinderella at Disney World in Orlando, FL. as one of her ways of raising money to send Jenna and her family to Disney World after Jenna is done taking her chemotherapy.

Jenna’s tagline right now is “God’s Got This!” YAY!

To bid on this drawing, please leave a comment with your bid amount. Bidding will close on Thursday, September 20th night at 7:00 p.m. EST. The winning bid will be announced at that time, and the winner notified by email.

Starting price set by Jordyn, $1!

Bidding is closed!

13 thoughts on “Cinderella: God’s Got This!

  1. Sweet, sweet Jordan! Thankyou for loving Jenna so well, and for leading by example of how to love well! You are such an amazing little girl! Thankyou!

  2. You are going to change lives in this world, Miss Jordyn! You’re starting already, at only 6 years old, when most kids are just thinking about themselves. You have been gifted by God with a special heart and amazing parents! I bid $20.

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  4. Hi Jordyn, I heard about you and your amazing heart and love for God from Kim Bruce at church. What an incredible young lady you are. God Bless you!!

    I will bid $30.00

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