Day 10: Belle

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“Today, I am thankful I got to see Belle at Disney World and give her a hug!”

Three cool things from today:

1) We made our weekly deposit at the bank, and as Jordyn was telling the cashier what she was doing, a lady also making a deposit overheard the conversation and gave Jordyn $10 to be a part of what she is doing. It was so sweet to watch the exchange!!

2) We went to Disney today to hang out as a family. On the monorail ride, Jordyn was talking to a little boy about their favorite holidays. The little boy shared how Christmas was his favorite holiday because he gets presents and can give presents. Very sweetly, Jordyn said, “Christmas is all about Jesus, and that is why it is my favorite holiday!”

3) On the way back to the car, we met two ladies on the tram ride. Right away Jordyn engaged them in conversation, asked Todd to get her business cards out of his wallet, and gave one to each of them. Jordyn then shared who Jenna is and what she is doing for her family. They were so excited  hearing what she’s doing, asked her a bunch of questions, and had a really fun conversation with her. I LOVE when this happens when Todd is around, because I love the way he watches his little girl share her heart, and her passion to help other people.

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