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If you have read The Staycation Jar, you know of our LOVE for Love Projects. We like to incorporate some way of serving others when we go on vacations, staycations, or even weekends around town. As the Disney Trip for the Spille’s got close, Jordyn began to think through some ideas of how their family could serve each other AND others while they were here.

Here are the challenges we came up with together. I hope they inspire you to add something like this to your next Vacation or Staycation too:

Family Challenge Monday

Jeff and Jo: Use these cards to write a separate love letter to each of your children and one to each other. These letters will need to be done by Wednesday night and we will let you know when to hand them out.

Family Challenge Monday

Jenna, Jacob, Joshua and Joslyn: Use these cards to write a separate letter to each of your parents. Let them know what you appreciate about them and why you are so glad they are your mom or dad. These letters will need to be done by Wednesday night and we will tell you when to give them to your parents.

Family Challenge: Tuesday

Have each person secretly draw the name of another family member. Rules: At some point during the day, purchase something for (about) $5 from your own money for your family member that will make him or her smile. As you are in the store thinking of what to get for your family member, pray for him or her. Also, at some point today, go out of your way to do something nice for him or her.

Family Challenge: Wednesday

Use these notepads and sticky notes to write thank you notes for different Cast Members today. For instance, you could write a note saying, “Thank you for cleaning this bathroom!” and leave it in the bathrooms inside the park. Or, leave a sweet note for the person who has been cleaning your room this week.

Family Challenge: Thursday

Jeff, find a time early today to give your letter to your boys and have the birds and the bees conversation with them. HA! Just kidding. No really, the birds and the bees are important to know about…

Family Challenge: Thursday

Johanna, bring your letters to your girls with you over to The Contemporary Resort. Before dinner, head over to The Butterfly Garden and give your letters to your beautiful ladies.

Family Challenge: Thursday

Joshua and Jacob – Bring your letters to your dad with you on your adventures today!

Family Challenge: Thursday

Jenna and Joslyn – Bring your letters to your mom with you to dinner tonight!!

Family Challenge: Friday

In the afternoon, break up into two groups: Mom and Sons, and Dad and Daughters and have an afternoon snack together. During this snack time, Jeff, exchange letters with your girls and Johanna, exchange letters with your boys.

Also, Jeff and Jo: At your special dinner tonight, exchange the letters you wrote for each other and gross people out by making out at the dinner table.

Family Challenge: Saturday

Hand out these stickers and tattoos to the boys and girls you see at the Park today. Also, find out what four different families are celebrating on their trip to Disney World..

Family Challenge: Sunday

Have some family circle time. Have each person share their favorite part of their week, and their favorite memory. End your circle time praying with and for each other.

If you want some more ideas of Love Projects or ways to be intentional with your family, check out The Staycation Jar only available on Amazon. All proceeds are continuing to go to Faith Like A Child in support of families going through crises with their children.

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