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Many people have been asking what was in the Easter Baskets, and since a lot of these items were donated by friends from our church, we thought we’d do our shout-out today to all of our friends who donated money or items to put these baskets together. THANK YOU so much friends!!! These baskets were a big hit!

Candy (of course) – However, Jordyn created a list asking what their “Favorites” were and sent them out to each of the Spille siblings. Then, she made sure their favorite candy was in each of their Easter Baskets.

$50 cash hidden in one of the Easter Eggs… the look on Jenna’s face was completely priceless (see below for a picture in that moment).

Glow Sticks that could be made into necklaces.

A Ginormous lollipop in each of the siblings baskets.

Disney World Celebrating Buttons

Personalized Photo Albums made by a friend from our church

In Jeff and Jo’s basket, there were also some journals and a devotional from our Pastor and his wife, card games for the family, sanitizing soap, and some lotion.

T-Shirts – The girls had matching shirts in different colors, the boys had Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, and then Jeff and Johanna had matching Mickey/Minnie Beach-esque shirts. There is actually a really fun story here, as all four of the kids shirts were DONATED by one of The Disney Store’s in Florida. When it came time to put the baskets together, we were running low on funds because the Disney Dining Plan had been misquoted by $600!!! When I asked Jordyn what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go to The Disney Store and ask if they could donate T-shirts for her. So, we went!

Jordyn shared what she was doing to one of the Managers, who got a little teary-eyed as Jordyn spoke. This manager shared how she had a son who also had brain cancer years ago and survived because of surgery, chemo, and radiation. Her son is still here today, but his cancer changed them all forever. So, as you can see, what Jordyn was sharing was very close to her heart. At the time, Jordyn was only thinking of getting T-shirts for the siblings, so the manager asked Jordyn to pick out four T-shirts. She went through the store with Jordyn, helping her with sizing, colors, and characters. It was precious. She then told Jordyn she’d see what magic she could make happen, and together as team members, they raised money to purchase the shirts for the Spille’s! How amazing is that???












We had an awesome time putting these Easter Baskets together and appreciate each family and organization who helped make this happen. Please check back tomorrow for a note from our CEO on what she loved about accomplishing her very first major Love Project!!

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