No More Excuses: Learning to Re-Parent

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If you’d have told me in January of this year that on this final day of 2012, our six year old daughter would be a CEO, have created her own not for profit organization, and raised $9000 in just a few short months; I’d have looked over my shoulder to see who you were talking to.

Once I stopped looking around to realize you were indeed talking to me, I likely would have given you all kinds of excuses as to why this couldn’t (or wouldn’t) happen. You see, I’m good with excuses. It’s not practical. It’s too much money. We don’t even know this family. How can you do this, you are only six! And, for sure, we do not have the time or energy to do this. 2012 is going to be so incredibly busy…

And yet, here we are… at the end of the year, so thankful the excuses ceased.

When Jordyn began to share her ideas with us in August; both Todd and I were compelled to listen, support, and follow the lead of our daughter. Her dreams were so big, so wild, and so beyond our comprehension, that somehow we just knew we had to walk this journey. Jordyn’s dreams led her to write letters to Disney World, Southwest Airlines, Creative Memories, multiple friends her age asking for help, and as of late, The Duck Commander crew. Her dreams reached out to strangers who were praying their daughter through cancer after she decided she wanted to send this family to Disney World.

Todd and I have watched Jordyn boldly share what she is doing with people she doesn’t know, with little to no fear or hesitation. She continuously hands out her business cards to people she doesn’t know at church, grocery stores, the bank, Walmart, Target, multiple restaurants, and even people on the tram at Disney World. Just two weeks ago, she gave one of her cards to Santa Claus after having a ten minute conversation with him about Jenna!

Her dreams have stretched the faith of our entire family to see how BIG God is to a six year old little girl, and subsequently, how BIG God should be to us as adults. A God who has no box. No limits. No boundaries. And, whose piggy bank never runs dry. This girl has rocked our world this year as Todd and I have gone through a boot camp of learning how to re-parent without minimizing or placing our own limitations on God, or the dreams of our children.

We have seen family after family, friends, and even strangers, come alongside our little girl by making their own Jenna Jars, doing their own garage sales, making lemonade stands, bake sales, supporting her through their businesses, and raising money to help Jordyn send Jenna and her family to Disney World. This has truly been an unbelievable journey!

So THANK YOU friends. Thank you for walking through this journey with us. For showing us adults how BIG God is. For supporting our daughter as she loves another family. For helping us teach our children the value of loving God, and loving others. The faith and life lessons we are learning through this ministry has been completely priceless. I have no idea what 2013 will bring with this ministry, or what God will do through our daughter. But, I cannot wait to see it!

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