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As I shared with you the other day, Jordyn made a video and asked Jenna to make a painting for her that she could use to raise money for the Disney Trip. As Jenna and I chatted on the phone about the painting, she asked what she should paint for Jordyn. I kind of laughed and told her I had no idea! So, I put my six year old on the phone so Jenna could ask Jordyn what she wanted her to paint. The conversation on my end was hilarious.

It started off with Jordyn asking Jenna to make a Princess for every girl who wanted to buy a painting. Then, it went to a Prince for any boy who wanted to buy a painting. And then, it went to a Prince and a Princess for anyone who was married that wanted to buy a painting.

I finally mouthed to Jordyn, “She is doing ONE painting sweetheart”.

Jordyn looked puzzled for a moment and then lit up while saying, “Okay, make a Prince and Princess having their first kiss!”, as she wrapped her arms around her own body with a love-struck gaze.

HA!!! Yup, she’s six!! WAY too soon for all this first kiss stuff! That’s at least another 30 years away right?!?


So without further adieu…. here is Jenna Spille’s painting of “FIRST KISS”! Didn’t she do an incredible job?







We will be working hard this month to finish out our fundraising for Jenna’s Disney Trip. To do everything Jordyn is planning, we still need about $4500 – this girl has BIG DREAMS. Enter, our BIG December fundraiser: For every $5 you donate to Faith Like A Child Inc., you will receive one chance to win either this FIRST KISS painting, OR one of nine other gifts (We may be adding another 1 or 2 gifts soon.) To see all the gifts and more details of how to participate, please click here!

Thank you so much Jenna for your sweet painting! You did an AMAZING job and we are so excited to have FIRST KISS a part of this month’s fundraiser!

*If you are ready to donate, please click on the paypal link on the right hand sidebar!

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