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WAHOOO!! Jordyn has completed her goal of raising $11,500 for Jenna’s trip to Disney World.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who donated money or gift items, offered their businesses as fundraisers, and shared this ministry over the last few months. We would not have been able to reach this goal without you.

We are so excited to start concentrating on the planning aspect of this trip and putting all of Jordyn’s ideas together. I am not sure how much she would like to leave as a surprise for the Spille family, but we will definitely share some of the fun along the way!

We know some of you are still waiting for signed drawings… and Jordyn is still working on those!! We will get them out as soon as we can. In addition, would like to announce the winners now of our last fundraiser:

#1 Hasbro Game Set – Will and Maddie A.

#2 Hasbro Game Set – Denise P.

#3 $40 Hasbro Gift Cards – Caitlin A.

#4 $40 Hasbro Gift Cards – Isabel S.

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in this fundraiser. We really appreciate all of your help!!

We will likely start another mega Love Project in about a month or so (mama needs a little break). Until then friends, we will be doing smaller Love Projects and will post them as we go. As you think of us, please continue to pray for the families we are working with and praying for.

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  1. This is so awesome!!!! Praise God!!! Thank you for being such a great example by showing us how to love others. The McNeal family truly inspires me to Live the Life we were called to live and to love and serve others daily. May God continue to bless the McNeal’s and all of your Love Projects!

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