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Day #8: “Today, I am thankful that Jenna is done with her medicine for this week!” Jordyn (Jenna just finished Cycle 5 of her chemo yesterday!)

Friends, We have some incredible news to share with you!!

A super sweet family from church approached us a few weeks ago after hearing about what Jordyn is doing for Jenna’s family and offered to use their Disney Vacation Club timeshare to cover the cost of the Disney Resort!! How unbelievably awesome is that?

We were able to work out dates with the family, and since they will be traveling in an “off-season”, our breakdown changes for the money we need to raise for this trip. The original estimated cost was $12,500-$15,000 (based on 6 family members traveling mid-high-season). Now, the retail cost of the trip Jordyn has put together is $11,500.

With the donations we have already received (monetary and otherwise), we have been able to cover: The Disney Resort and fees, 7 Day Disney Park Tickets, Ground Transportation, Baggage Fees at the airport, $500 for special gifts Jordyn would like to give the family (Sorry Jeff and Jo, I think there will be at least one ginormous lollipop in there per child), half of the spending money Jordyn would like to give the family for their trip, and the cost of a wheelchair rental for Jenna every day at the park.

Jordyn has also spoken to Cast Members at Disney who have already provided the family with a special assistance pass that will allow them to go to the front of the line for most attractions during their stay. AND, she already has secured VIP seating for one of the shows (of which, I didn’t even know was possible)! She is still working on a Slumber Party with Cinderella and Belle… and, I actually do blame Cinderella a little bit for that one!!! HA!

So, where are we at now? Due to the time the family is traveling, AND with the generous gift from the family at church, we only need to raise $5200 more to give Jenna and her family this awesome celebration time together when Jenna is done with her cancer treatment. We are more than halfway there in just seven weeks!!!

The $5200 will cover airline tickets, Disney Meal Plans, and the other half of the spending money Jordyn would like to give to the family. Our plan is to literally cover all expenses for this trip, to make this as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible!

Our goal is to get all of the finances wrapped up for this Love Project by the end of December, as Jordyn is already praying through another family to help – another sweet family also fighting cancer!! This girl has big dreams and an even bigger heart. We are so incredibly spoiled to be able to parent this sweet girl!

To contribute now towards Jenna’s trip to Disney and become eligible for the $120 Massage Envy Gift Card drawing, please click on the Paypal Link on the side bar! Thank you so much for helping our little girl love Jenna and her family. We truly appreciate all of the love and support you have displayed in the last 7 weeks!!

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