Here are the 11 different ways I will raise money for Jenna.” – Jordyn

(This list has now grown to 15 ways…)

1. Have Lemonade Stands (Jordyn wants to get her friends all together and each have individual lemonade stands so each person raises money.)

2. Have mama write a book and sell it (She’s a riot! I love that she thinks it is that easy. Well, we put our heads together and created an eBook called The Staycation Jar from our recent Family Staycation. This book contains 200 ideas for Family Fun: Crazy Meals, Main Events, Silliness, Love Projects and is available on Amazon. All proceeds – at least $2.10 per copy – will go to Faith Like A Child, Inc.)

3. Make paintings and sell them (The first one sold here and was of Cinderella, signed “God’s Got This!” by the real Cinderella at Disney World.)

4. Garage Sales – Our church family came together for our first garage sale, and we raised $889.84! YAY!!!

5. Buy food and sell it (We made this a part of the Garage Sale and sold Cold Water bottles, Juice, and Tootsie Pops.)

6. Sell my mama’s book Good Grief! (The other day Jordyn packed a backpack with books and was planning on going door to door in our neighborhood to sell Good Grief! If it wasn’t pouring down rain, she probably would have gone. Erica spoke at our church on 9/19 and sold her book, raising $342.16 for Faith Like A Child, Inc. Until Jordyn has all the money she needs for this project, ALL money received from the sale of Good Grief! will go towards her goal.)

7. Tell people at church about Jenna: Jordyn has walked around church with the following sign, and already has many families signed up to help. She has also shared twice from the stage what she is doing for Jenna and what help she needs. It has been amazing to see our church family come together and rally around this Love Project.

8. Make a video to tell people about Jenna

9. Ask people to help how they want to help. We have our Jan/Feb Fundraisers up here!

10. Have car washes

11. Invite my friends to my house and make them pay me to play games with them (Jordyn has already made invitations to her friends in a card fashion. The outside says, “Help!” The back says, “Met me at the pool on Sept 9.”

12. Make a website – done!

13. Start a Morning Coffee Stand for our neighbors.

14. Start a Jenna Jar (Our pastor is letting Jordyn collect love offerings from the Children’s Ministry to help bring Jenna to Disney. So far, the children have brought in $332.65. Jordyn also wants to put this jar at the end of our driveway this weekend so our neighbors will put money in it!) =)

15. Faith Cards – This is what you get when a 6 year old combines Bingo and Fundraising. Here is a cool way even young children can help out by asking family and friends to “buy a square”. The cards range from $12 – $100; and thank you gift will be given out!

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  2. Try connecting with some Youth For Christ or Christ on Campus organizations at local high schools. Maybe the youth from your church could share the idea with their organizations at their schools. I’m a high school counselor, and I’m going to share this with our group. Your daughter is a very special young lady!

    • Laura, that is so great. Thank you! Jordyn has shared with our Children’s Program, and in fact our entire church already. Our church is allowing all offerings brought in from the kids to go into The Jenna Jar. Great idea asking the youth to help spread the word personally. Thanks so much!

    • We did talk to Make A Wish. In order to provide as much structure as they possibly can, Make A Wish only allows the patient, parents, or medical professional refer a person for something like this, which we TOTALLY get. (If we were them, we’d do the same thing!) Hadn’t thought about Walmart/Target… for now, we are trying to follow Jordyn’s lead on the fundraisers, and work with people who come to us; which reminds me… this weekend, she wants to stick The Jenna Jar at the end of our driveway for people in our neighborhood to put money in it. She is so funny!! I will definitely keep Walmart/Target in mind in the future. Thank you so much Tarra!! Appreciate your sweet words and your suggestions!!

  3. If you do a facebook search for “prayers for Kaley” you will find a page about a 5-year-old who was also diagnosed with brain cancer about the same time Jenna was. They are using something called fundrazr to help the family with expenses. People can donate in any amount. I used Paypal, but can’t remember if credit cards are also accepted. The last time I checked, the total was over $8,000! Most donations were just $10 or $20. Something you and Jordyn may want to check out… Good luck!!

    • Thank you so much Karen. We will check out Kaley’s page, add her to our prayer list, and look at the fundrazr site. Appreciate your suggestions! On Monday, we will be offering another duo of Jordyn’s paintings (likely SIGNED Mickey and Minnie Mouse – because we just HAVE to keep them together!). For every $5 someone donates, that person will have 1 chance to win both paintinggs as a THANK YOU! We will place all the names in a Jenna Jar and she will get to choose a winner! She is really looking forward to it!!

  4. I just needed to say how impressed (floored would be a better term) I am by you and Jordyn. To find such love in a family is amazing and a wonderful testimony to God. Thank you for all you do and for the impact you are having on peoples lives in God’s name.

    • Wow Sean, thank you. I love how you bring what we are doing back to a testimony to God… He is absolutely the LOVE behind our actions!

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