December Fundraiser

Jordyn is about $4500 away (*now Jordyn is only about $2500 away) from being able to purchase EVERYTHING for the Disney World trip for the Spille Family. Are you ready to knock this out right now with us in the next 25 days? From today, December 7th – midnight December 31st, we will be working hard to raise these funds. Jordyn has her own lemonade stands, more paintings under way, and has even been asking about doing a car wash. We LOVE this little girl’s motivation and desire to help out another family, while seeking and asking for nothing in return. We are so incredibly proud of our girl.

Here’s how our December Fundraiser will work:

For every $5 donated, your name will be entered into a drawing for one of the following 13 thank you gifts. (If you donated from Dec 1st – 6th, you will still be eligible for the drawing!) 13 people will be chosen at random to choose a gift in the order their names were drawn. Every gift here was either donated, or a host product from one of our October Fundraising shows.

1. $25 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card







2. Two Autographed Books by Les and Leslie Parrott








3. Timeless Wristlet from Thirty One







4. Pampered Chef Cookbook – Latin Flavor









5. 11×14 Print from Photo Expressions by Victoria (You can choose from her online gallery.)







6. Zipper Pouch from Thirty One







7. Autographed Book by Erica McNeal









8. Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl (not filled with cookie mix, unless you live local!)









9. Ken Davis Pack: Autographed copy of Ken’s newest book Fully Alive, the Fully Alive DVD, and Fully Alive Action Guide (2 bundles available)!









10. One of a kind painting by Miss Jenna Spille! I am SO excited about this! Jordyn made Jenna a very sweet video to ask her to make a painting to help her raise money after seeing all the paintings Jenna has been making lately. The video was super cute. Jordyn and Jenna then had quite the chat yesterday about what Jenna could paint for this gift giving. I was laughing so hard hearing Jordyn’s end of the conversation!


11. Signed and Autographed Painting of Snow White









12. Signed and Autographed Painting of Ariel:








We know Christmas is just around the corner, and want to thank everyone ahead of time who will participate in our December Fundraiser. Jordyn is so close to her goal for this month, and we appreciate every person who is helping to make this happen. To donate, please click on the Paypal Link on the right sidebar, OR you can send a check to: Faith Like A Child, Inc at 3108 N. Boundary Blvd, Bldg 926, PMB 123, Tampa, FL 33621. If you are sending a check, please note, that it will need to be received by December 31st to be eligible for these gifts!

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