Faith Cards

“Will you please tell your friends about these Faith Cards, and ask them to buy a space to help Jenna go to Disney World?” – Love, Jordyn

We had so much fun putting these Faith Cards (read the back story here) together, and were even able to work the math into our schooling for a couple of days. Here is the $100 card we did first on our white board. While I wrote out the actual math in green, Jordyn did the math herself and wrote in her own numbers on the board. I LOVED being able to make math practical, hands-on, and FUN!







Here are the cards:

$12 Card:






$24 Card:






$50 Card:






$100 Card:






Here is what to do:

1. Either download the picture of the card you would like to use, or click here on Faith Cards and download all four cards to print the one of your choice!

2. Ask your family and friends to buy a square (or two) to help you reach the total goal for each card. (Would your Youth Group be interested in helping out?)

3. After all squares on your Faith Card have been bought (and paid for), please either paypal the money raised to, or contact us at for an address to send the money.

Thank you Gifts:

This fundraiser will go for two weeks, and will end on October 31st. Each person whose money is received by midnight EST October 31st will be eligible for the thank you gifts. One person/family from each Card Category will be chosen to receive the following gifts:

$12 Card: Hand written thank you letter from Jordyn.

$24 Card: Hand written thank you letter from Jordyn, AND God’s Got This Color Copy of Cinderella!

$50 Card: Hand written thank you letter from Jordyn, God’s Got This color copy of Cinderella, AND The Staycation Jar eBook.









$100 Card: Hand written thank you letter from Jordyn, God’s Got This color copy of Cinderella, The Staycation Jar eBook, AND this Original Painting from Jordyn, signed by Belle at Disney World:









If your family or children choose to do more than one card, when you send your money please specify which cards you were filled, so we can enter you into the proper categories.

Thank you so much friends for helping us reach our first Love Project goals. We have some fun and exciting news to share real soon! We appreciate ALL of your prayers, support, and love as we help Jenna’s family, and we are praying through other families to love in the future!

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