Garage Sales

On October 6th, 2012 our church and friends are coming together to host a mega Garage Sale in our local area to raise money for Faith Like A Child, Inc.

We currently have 10 families involved, helping out, and bringing stuff to sell. One family is bringing a GINORMOUS CRATE full of items over tonight from their recent move. God is so awesome and we are having so much fun watching Him work, move, and get people excited!

We will also incorporate three other of Jordyn’s fundraisers into this day as well: A Lemonade Stand, a Bake Sale, and of course, her Jenna Jar!

If you are interested in hosting a Garage Sale on October 6th to help raise money for Faith Like A Child, Inc., let us know and we will help advertise for you here, and can provide you with some fliers!!

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