Jan/Feb Fundraiser

To get the back-story on this Fundraiser, and how we received these games donated to Jordyn and her mission here at Faith Like A Child, Inc, please see here!

Here’s how the Jan/Feb Fundraiser will work:

1) For every $5 someone donates, their name will be placed into one Jenna Jar.

2) There will be FOUR THANK YOU GIFTS available as follows:

Hasbro/Carnival Game Set #1








Hasbro/Carnival Game Set #2






#3/#4: There will be TWO $40 gift cards to Hasbro.com (which are currently still in my husband’s wallet, otherwise I’d take pics of those too!)

3) Strips of paper with the four gift names will be placed into another Jenna Jar. Jordyn will then choose the gift from one jar, and pull the gift recipient from the other jar!

4) Anyone who donates until February 16th will be eligible to receive one of these four thank you gifts!! *As with all of our thank you gifts, FLAC Board Members or family members are not eligible!

UPDATE: 2/16/13: As of today, we need just $659 to knock out this fundraising venture for the Spille Family. Will you help make this our last fundraiser for this family by spreading the word, and/or donating?

To donate, please click on the Paypal Link on the right sidebar, OR you can send a check to: Faith Like A Child, Inc at 3108 N. Boundary Blvd, Bldg 926, PMB 123, Tampa, FL 33621. Thank you so much friends for helping our daughter love another family!

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