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God’s Got This and Faith Like A Child are partnering up this week to bring another sweet family to your attention, and help raise money. Sweet Jenna is the 15 year old who recently finished chemo and radiation for brain cancer. and the same girl Jordyn has been raising money for to send their family to Disney World. These children provide us an amazing example of selflessness and love. This is what God calls us to do.

Here is a note from Jenna’s Aunt, Melissa:

If you have been following the God’s Got This Facebook site, you know Jenna intended to keep her “Made New” painting for herself. I spoke to her and she said that was exactly how she felt… like she was made new in every way. She and Johanna were even looking for a spot in her room to hang her painting. She told us that she’d be happy to paint more of them, but she needed to keep the original.

That same morning, she saw the story of Aden. She read some updates of this sweet little boy and his amazing, faithful family and she knew what she needed to do. Aden fought a hard battle with brain cancer, and about two weeks ago was swept away into the loving arms of Jesus.

I got a call from Johanna saying that they both read about Aden, cried many tears and Jenna said, “I want to auction my painting and give all the money to Aden’s family.” She told me that even though the painting means so much to her, and she wishes she could keep it, this is what she needs to do.

Note from Erica:

When Melissa shared this story with me, I got those chill-bumps. You know, those deep in your soul, wish I hadn’t just shaved my legs God-goosies. I told Melissa that a Butterfly signified the death of a child in the medical and bereavement community. When our newborn daughter died, a butterfly was hung on her door to let anyone about to enter our room that our little girl was now with Jesus. The same goes for every Bereavement Conferences we have gone to. Every time we have been asked to honor our children, it is by writing their names on a butterfly. What an amazing way to honor Aden’s life and give a gift of love to their hurting family. NOTHING can ever replace their son, but together we can lessen the financial burden of his death by helping them offset their costs.


Here’s your chance to own a Jenna original…and not just any original… the painting that encapsulated her feelings about completing chemo/radiation and being cancer free.

Between now and Saturday at midnight (March 16th), you can purchase a chance to receive this painting as a THANK YOU gift. For every $5 donated, you would receive one entry, and you can enter as many times as you’d like. For example, sending in $25 would get you 5 entries and $100 would get you 20 entries. Sunday morning, Jenna will gather all the names together and choose one family to send her painting to. Then on Monday, we will send Aden’s family a check for all the money that was raised for their family to help them with burial costs, medical bills, or to use as their family sees fit.

Please see the Paypal tab on the side of this website to donate. Or, you can send a check to Faith Like A Child at:

3108 N. Boundary Blvd
Bldg 926, PMB 123
Tampa, FL 33621

Thank you so much for helping our kids love another family. We will keep you updated on the progress this week!! If you aren’t doing so already, we’d love for you to follow Praying for AdenGod’s Got This and Faith Like A Child on Facebook!

4 thoughts on “Painting For Aden

  1. As I read this, the tears come so profusely, just read it to Adens poppa, this is just so amazing and sweet. I am going to post this out to my facebook accounts, I am also going to make sure mommy and daddy know about this, but most important I say with a heart moved to it’s core THANK YOU so very much, words are not adequate truly, and the tears flow and bring yet a deeper healing to this gma’s heart. God Bless you Diane K Reynolds

    • Thank you Diane for your sweet comment. We are so excited to see what God will do through Aden’s sweet life! The death of our own daughter taught us that whether one lives for 80 minutes (as she did), or lives for 80 years, life is a breath, a mere vapor. But, the legacy that can live on from that vapor can have eternal value. This is exactly what I see in Aden and his family too!

  2. I can not tell you how truly touched I am! I read this with teary eyes so moved by the faith and compassion of a child! I am so truly Thankful for what you have decided to do! This truly does mean so much more as the butterfly has deeper meaning for Gma! Just another way of God showing us he is right here walking us through this so difficult time.
    Thank you so very much! Bobbie Wert Aden’s Aunt

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