The Staycation Jar

“I asked my mama to write a book so I could sell it.” – Jordyn

She sure did. We LOVE how her brain works… absolutely no concept of what goes into publishing a book, just a simple, mom has done it before, so she can do it again. She’s so funny!!

Well, our family compiled our ideas, and Erica put together The Staycation Jar, available as an eBook for only $2.99. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to Faith Like A Child, Inc. to help make Jordyn’s dreams come true!

This book is filled with 200 Family Fun Ideas, with 50 ideas in each of the following categories:

Creative Meals – This idea came from a long-standing family tradition of doing Crazy Dinners. The ideas range from Ice Cream Sundaes for breakfast to eating Candy Apples and watching Snow White, or eating “Dirt in a Cup” while watching Tangled, some special recipes are also linked.

Main Events – The main events will be the major activity for the day. The ideas range from Theme Parks to Cultural Center, renting a boat/canoe/kayak, and Behind the Scene Tours for your favorite Dinner Shows.

Silliness – This category was our attempt to add some laughter and spontaneity to our days. Our ideas ranged from water fights (ours started inside our house – whoops!), finger painting a portrait as a family, to sending secret messages with homemade invisible ink.

The Love Projects were my love’s idea and truly became our favorite category each day. Every of our Staycation we would find fun ways to meet the needs of others, or find someone to help. Some of the ideas range from baking brownies for the Fire or Police Dept, to bringing food and supplies to a local Food Bank, and leaving an extra large tip for a waitress.

Here’s the intro:

I don’t know about your family, but we often have a difficult time planning a vacation. Don’t get me wrong I could organize an insanely awesome vacation on the cheap, in about three hours from top to bottom. This vacation would be filled with energizing experiences, down time, new activities, and awesome deals for our family to enjoy every day, complete with an excel spreadsheet. I’d already have the hotel picked out, airplane tickets purchased, and even a couple of freebies here and there. Yes, I am that person.

My closest friends know this falls into the “Research Queen” category of my life. Now, I would prefer to be a Queen of something way cooler, as “research” just sounds nerdy and un-cool… but I digress. However, if I am being completely honest, researching truly energizes me as I watch blank pieces of paper come to life, and plans come together.

While it isn’t for lack of trying, our family has a very difficult time predicting our ability to travel far enough in advance, where we are not slapped with last minute airfare prices, hotel spikes, or only being able to find hotels that are a bit sketch. Being a military family, with one of us literally defined by the medical community as “medically complicated” (that would be me), it is very easy for us to lose a lot of our flexibility in a very short amount of time.

In the past, my husband Todd and I have looked into and dreamed of timeshares, even sitting through presentations on a few occasions. The invitation to swim with dolphins, eat free chips and salsa, and all-you-can-eat ice cream (not together my friends) were definitely tempting. These events caused us to linger around, sometimes longer than the one hour-presentation we were anticipating, cutting into our current vacation time. However, again, due to our lack of flexibility and ability to pre-plan, timeshares are not for us at this time in our lives.

We also bought into the Buy One Vacation Get Three Free deals, only to find after we paid for them, they were not as flexible as advertised (or as we understood, perhaps there could be a very fine line between the two). We found there were so many limitations and restrictions, that after the three years expiration date hit, we could not find the time to utilize even one of these experiences.

This has been an on-going problem for our family for most of the nine plus years my husband and I have been married. But, we finally found a solution, one that actually is cheaper, and in our experience, was more enjoyable than some of the really nice vacations we have taken in the past. No hotels. No airplanes. No jet lag. Less stress. More spontaneity. No keeping two young children occupied for twelve plus hours of travel, while giving your spouse the death look that says, “We are NEVER doing this again!”

All proceeds (70% of the $2.99 purchase price) from The Staycation Jar will to directly to Faith Like A Child, Inc. to help Jordyn with her mission. Will you consider purchasing a copy today and help spread the word?

The Staycation Jar is available on Amazon!

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