Garage Sale SUCCESS!

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We had an unbelievably awesome garage sale this past weekend. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated items, helped with the sale, brought donuts, and provided lunch. We had an amazing day!

Here are 10 highlights from our day:

  1. We shared Jesus with 4 families.
  2. Met 4 families whose children had also been diagnosed with cancer. We were able to give a couple of them some resources to help meet their current needs.
  3. Our church family came together and many families donated items from our church.
  4. We had 3 families simply give us $20 bills without purchasing anything just because they wanted to help Jordyn reach her goals.
  5. Had many families tell us they would add Jenna to their prayer list.
  6. Shared our faith and why we were raising money with just about everyone who showed up for the sale.
  7. A 7 year old girl won the drawing for a brand new Cinderella Pillow we had signed by Cinderella from Disney World. What was so awesome about this, is that Jordyn told a Cast Member at Disney what she was doing when we were standing in line getting ready to meet Cinderella. This man was so touched by what she is doing, he went into the store, bought Jordyn a pillow, gave it to her to have signed, and told her to use the pillow to raise money for Jenna.
  8. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 75% of the people who bought items from the garage sale, donated money above and beyond their purchase.
  9. Our guys made deliveries for people who bought a couple big items but couldn’t fit them in their car, and helped load boxes, furniture, and bags to others people’s cars. How awesome are they?
  10. We raised $889.86 in 6 hours to help Jordyn reach her goal, which pushed us over the $2000 threshold!

We are truly in awe of what God is doing, what He is teaching us, and how others around us are responding. We serve a BIG God my friends… one who is so BIG that His resources are unlimited. But, who is also so BIG, that He cares personally about the smallest details of each one of us.

Just a few pics from our day:

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