Gift #11, #12, and HUGE Match Opportunity

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Can you believe it is December 17th already?!?! We have TWO weeks until the last day of this year. As I sit and look at the calendar, I am truly stunned trying to wrap my brain around how quickly this year went by.

Today, we are adding TWO gifts to the December Fundraiser:

Autographed painting of Snow White








Autographed painting of Ariel








We also have an anonymous donor who has offered to match the next FIVE people’s donations regardless of the amount, up to $1000 by Friday! AND, this person has asked NOT to be included in the drawing for the fundraiser!! WOWZERS!!! What an incredible way to DOUBLE your love gift and receive some great chances to win one of our 12 gifts!

We had some very sweet gifts come in this weekend and are getting SO close to Jordyn’s goal. We’d love for you to be a part of giving this Disney trip to such an incredible family. Tomorrow or Wednesday, we will share a fun way that each person/family who has donated will be able to participate in a specific gift we have in mind for the family. We want the Spille’s to see and feel all the love from the families who helped make this trip happen!! Friends, we appreciate each and every one of you!

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