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Last week, our family took a much-needed vacation with the Carnival Cruise line (add low season prices with Christmas gifting = HIGHLY recommend). We had so much fun, and enjoyed our time relaxing, eating too much melting chocolate cake and strawberries, and getting to know other people on board.

The highlight of the cruise for Jordyn, however was Hasbro The Game Show.

Have you ever seen Family Game Night on TV? Hasbro and Carnival got together and now offer this awesome Game Show on their ship! Jordyn absolutely LOVES the TV show (and has been asking to try out for at least a year now). We even DVR all the episodes, THAT is how much she loves it. We loved choosing teams to root for before they revamped the show, and now, we love cheering on everyone who gets chosen to go on stage. Of course, we all secretly have our favorite, and try to guess the color combination to open up the treasure chest. So, when I found out this cruise had a version of this show, it sealed the deal for us.

As soon as the curtains came up and Jordyn saw what we were doing, she was overcome with intense excitement.

To get on stage, contestant would need to answer trivia questions (AKA Trivial Pursuit), and like any parent would, we fully intended on feeding her the answers. When it came to our side of the audience, Jordyn was a nut. She was jumping up and down ON the seats, over-the-top excited!! Brent Mitchell was the Cruise Director for this itinerary and on his second question, he called on Jordyn.

“Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?” he asked her.

Without hesitating, or receiving the answer from us, Jordyn said, “Is it AustralEEEYYAHH?” (Thank you so much Nemo!)

It was absolutely precious, and since she was correct, up to the stage she went.

The teams played a version of Connect Four Basketball, and one of Jordyn’s shots even helped her team win. It was amazing to hear the crowd of (500ish people) behind her screaming and cheering for her.

Since her team won, she was able to choose a cash card. Whoever had the most “money” on their cash card received a bunch of travel games from Hasbro and a $150 Hasbro Gift Card, all donated from Hasbro. Pretty awesome, huh? So, Jordyn chose the “Money Bag”, which I thought was odd for her (I figured she’d choose the airplane because her daddy is a pilot), and found her seat in the winner’s row. Of course, I ran over to her, gave her a big hug, and told her how awesome she is!

When it came time to cash in their cards, Brent began to ask everyone why they chose their card. He told us later, he whispered to Jordyn not to worry about answering the question, when she looked at him and said, “I know why I chose it!” He chuckled and went on to ask her why she chose the money bag. Her response silenced the crowd.

Jordyn said, “Because I wanted to give the money to my friend Jenna. She is 15 years old and has brain cancer!”

Her response literally took my breath away, as my eyes filled with tears.

While Jordyn did not win the big prize, the impact of her words brought many people to do something!

Three other contestants gave her their $20 Hasbro Gift Cards, Brent was so touched by her words, that he gave her a bunch of travel-sized games to raise more money for Jenna, and a super sweet family gave us $55 cash on the spot to help Jenna. We also had multiple families come to us and let us know they’d be praying for Jenna and her family. Out of the mouth of babes…

In addition to this, Brent told the people at Hasbro about Jordyn’s words, and they are sending Jenna and her family a bunch of games so they can enjoy some family time together. How amazing is that?!?

The last night of the cruise, Jordyn decided she wanted to chat with Brent again, and we were able to get together with him after a fun little dance party in the atrium, where she TORE IT UP in her Belle Princess Dress! Jordyn told asked him three things:

1) If she could have more games to raise more money for Jenna (which he gave her without hesitating). She even told him how she wanted to raise money and put the thank you gifts together (see below).

2) If Carnival was working with any Wish-Making organizations, because she wants to continue helping families and she thinks a cruise would be fun for another family. (He is looking into this and planning to get back with us!)

3) If she could meet the Captain of the ship and ask him if there is any work she can do on the boat to raise money for Jenna! (Brent did let her know she is a little too young to work on the cruise line right now!)

So, to honor Hasbro and Carnival who donated a bunch of items to Jordyn, and the contestants who gave up their prizes for Jordyn, we are hoping to do this ONE last fundraiser for Jenna and her family. Jordyn only needs roughly $1700 to FINISH out the fundraising for Jenna’s trip to Disney.

Here’s how this will work:

1) For every $5 someone donates, their name will be placed into one Jenna Jar.

2) There will be FOUR THANK YOU GIFTS available as follows:

Hasbro/Carnival Game Set #1








Hasbro/Carnival Game Set #2






#3/#4: There will be TWO $40 gift cards to Hasbro.com (which are currently still in my husband’s wallet, otherwise I’d take pics of those too!)

3) Strips of paper with the four gift names will be placed into another Jenna Jar. Jordyn will then choose the gift from one jar, and pull the gift recipient from the other jar!

4) Anyone who donates from TODAY, until February 16th will be eligible to receive one of these four thank you gifts!! *As with all of our thank you gifts, FLAC Board Members or family members are not eligible!

Will you help us knock out this fundraising venture for the Spille Family by spreading the word, and/or donating?

To donate, please click on the Paypal Link on the right sidebar, OR you can send a check to: Faith Like A Child, Inc at 3108 N. Boundary Blvd, Bldg 926, PMB 123, Tampa, FL 33621. Thank you so much friends for helping our daughter love another family!

THANK YOU so much to Hasbro, Carnival, friends from the cruise who gave up their prizes, the sweet family who gave Jordyn money for Jenna, and Brent, who has gone way above and beyond to help Jordyn and encourage her heart. We appreciate you all!!

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