Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Our family put this Scavenger Hunt together for the Spille Family and I thought I’d post it here. So fun!!

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. Solve the clue, find the location, and take a picture of at least one team member with the answers for all the clues below (unless otherwise noted).
  2. Todd and Erica are not allowed to help or direct, but may answer TWO yes or no questions per clue.
  3. You may start and answer the clues in any order you choose.
  4. To respect others enjoying their day at the park, there is no running.
  5. When you are done, go to the Sorcerer’s Hat and send a text message to the other team letting them know you are done!
  6. Have fun!

Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt

1. Which attraction at the park is the tallest?

2. Take a team picture with a LIVE Disney Character of your choosing.

3. Which Disney Villianess goes by two names, one being Vanessa?

4. Where can you find C-3PO and R2D2?

5. What Disney Movie stars a teacup, a candlestick, and a broom?

6. Who is from Sector 4 of the Gamma Quadrant and protects the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg?

7. Find three hidden Mickey’s.

8. Which Muppet is in love with a Frog?

9. Strike a pose with the person who was the original voice for Mickey Mouse.

10. Take a team picture with silly hats on your head.

11. Find a Cast Member who is from another continent.

12. Get a picture of at least one team member dancing with a LIVE Disney Character (this must be a different Disney Character than #2).

13. Get a picture of one of your team members giving a Cast Member his/her autograph.

14. Lights, Camera, Action

15. Go to where you would send a postcard.

What do you think? We will hope to post pics next week on Facebook, so come join us here!

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