DSC_3344Hi my name is Jordyn. When I was 6 years old I started this website because I wanted to help people who were sick and had dreams make their dreams come true. My hope was to make them feel better by giving them something to look forward to when they are done taking their medicine.

I am now 9 years old and have completed many love projects to help kids who are sick, to give kids in other countries Christmas gifts, and to help the homeless in my town. I like to tell people about Jesus and want them to know the He loves them very, very, very much.

This is my website where I will be raising money to make these dreams come true. Please check out the Love Projects and join me on Facebook.

Thank you. I love you!

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  6. Hello Jordyn! I love you your website and I found out about your ministry through a friend of mine. I am a missions coordinator at a church in Trussville so that means I am in charge of
    OCC . We pack our boxes and send them to the processing center, but how can we help you with your ministry?

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