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Hi friends, This is Jordyn.

Will you please pray for my friend Jenna? She is going back to the doctor today to find out if she still has brain cancer. She is a little nervous. Nervous means being a little scared, but trying to be brave.

Last week we went to Disney World with them for three days. I was a little nervous meeting them at first, but found out we could be friends. Then, I was very excited to meet Jenna in human and Joslyn started tickling me. We went to the hotel, opened up Easter Baskets, and went to Magic Kingdom to go on a few rides until Jenna was feeling tired and we went back to the hotel.

On the second day, we went to the Hollywood Studios. We got to see the NEW Disney Junior with Jenna. The new one was Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Sophia, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We took Jenna and her brothers and sister to a car place to eat, where we ate in A CAR. I had a knife in one hand and a fork in one hand and I kept saying, “Where’s my dinner?” It was so cool. And then we did a Scavenger Hunt and the girls WON because we went in the right direction. But, I accidentally told the boys where something was because I was pointing when they were looking. When everyone got tired, we went back to the hotel.

Then on the third day, we went to Animal Kingdom. That’s where we saw Nemo the Musical and the Lion King Show. My favorite part about the Lion King Show was watching the monkeys, seeing all the animals, and playing the game. We were in the Warthog Section which I think they are disgusting because they stink, but the lady singing was called “The Gift”! I thought that was cool because the lady was “the gift” and I gave this gift to Jenna. OH!!! And so funny!!! Mr. Jeff had to go up on stage and pretend to be a warthog. We also went on the Yeti ride and everyone got to hear my daddy scream like a little girl. It was SO funny! He made everyone laugh!

I LOVED spending time with Jenna and her family. I even cried when we had to leave (she actually cried for most of the 1.5 hour drive home) and I still miss them right now. I loved their big hearts and the whole family was so much fun. I hope they had a safe trip home.

I love you, Love Jordyn

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