Jordyn’s letter to Jeff and Jo

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Jordyn asked me to type up this letter to Jeff and Johanna Spille (parents of Jenna) last night. We are coming to the end of planning their trip to Disney, and she had a few things she wanted to ask. I typed it up word for word from what she said. It was too precious not to post here!!

Dear Mr. Jeff and Miss Johanna,

I am working on your trip right now and am asking you these questions so I know the answers. I am so excited you are coming out.

1) Will you please tell me if you like black chocolate chips or white chocolate chips best? And, can you ask your children too, so I can know?

2) Are you allergic to anything in Chex Mix, or allergic to anything, because my mom is allergic to mice, and is freaked out by frogs. It is hilarious!

3) What do you like to eat for breakfast and snacks and drinks?

4) What do you like to do together?

5) What can I do to make this trip happy for you?

I love you and I’m so glad you are coming out.

Love, Jordyn

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