Last Day of CHEMO!!!

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TODAY should be Jenna’s LAST day of chemo. Will you take a moment and say a prayer for her and her family right now? It’s okay…. I’ll wait.

Okay, thanks!!!

What a ride this has been for the Spille family. Here is a recent pic of Jenna as she was about to begin this last cycle. Isn’t she STUNNING?

Here’s what her mama Jo said last night, “One more. She is super tired and is now sleeping. One of the doctors asked her earlier if she always smiles. “Usually” she said “except for when I throw up.” :) haha I love my kid!!!!! Thanks for the prayers everyone!!!!!!!!! We are going to have an end of chemo celebration tomorrow!!!!!! We’ll post pictures!!!”

Make sure you are connected to Jenna’s story here – you will not want to miss these pictures!!!

Last week a friend of mine surprised us with a Pampered Chef benefit party for FLAC. Not only is the consultant donating $30 because of the referral, but our friend Kristen is donating 25% of all SALES out of her own pocket to Faith Like A Child. You can check out this Facebook link for updates every day on products, and for more party/ordering information. This party will be closing THIS Friday to ensure that you will receive all orders by Christmas.

Remember this? 

Our family bought a bunch of them for Christmas gifts… they are INCREDIBLE and I am so excited to fill them next week with our own family cookie recipe and give them away!!!

Additionally, Kim has agreed to continue to donate $30 to FLAC for anyone who does a party with her through our referral for the next 6 months. You can contact her here and let her know we sent you!! How awesome is that?

Okay… in closing… let’s pray again together for Jenna. Dear Jesus, please be with Jenna girl today as she has her last infusion of chemo. Please allow every bit of this last drug to be effective and completely kill the rest of the tumor that is hanging on!! Thank you so much for all of the amazing ways you have worked in and through the lives of the Spille family through this huge trial. We praise you for Jenna is fearfully and wonderfully made in your image. This cancer is no surprise to you, nor is the outcome. Please continue to give the doctors wisdom and discernment as they offer the best options to Jenna and her family as they move forward in her care. We love you so much!! Amen!

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