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One of the items we’d like to place into each Shoe Box is a washcloth!! Some of the kids these boxes are going to may have never even seen a washcloth before. Can you imagine? We take them for granted every single day. Picture in your mind that first time a child bathes with soap and a washcloth, how refreshing that must feel!!

We can get an incredible deal on washcloths and are looking for people to send donations to sponsor a pack or two! Each pack comes with 18 washcloths and will cost only $4.50 each.

To cover all 1000 children, we need 56 packs of washcloths. We already have 10 packages covered and are seeking YOUR HELP to cover the rest. Are you able to cover $4.50 to help make 18 kids smile?

To donate towards these washcloths, please click on the Paypal link on the right!!

Jordyn has also offered to send this signed Cinderella drawing to one person who donates towards these washcloths. For every pack of washcloths you sponsor, you will have one chance to receive this thank you gift! When you send your donation, please place the word “Washcloths” in the notes section!!








Thank you so much friends for your sweet heart to love these kids!! Please also keep praying for this endeavor. We are about one month away from the Packing Party and still have A LOT to do!! =)

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