Week 13: When Love Meets Cancer

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While cancer is not a new word in our family, the way our daughter Jordyn has reacted to Jenna’s cancer has been incredible to watch. “Cancer” is not a big, bad, scary word for Jordyn, but rather, the means of how she can love someone else through a difficult time. Jordyn is constantly praying for and thinking about Jenna. Anytime Jenna receives good news, Jordyn jumps around in excitement, trusting that God has heard her prayers and is healing Jenna. And, anytime Jenna receives hard-to-hear news, Jordyn prays, and starts thinking of other ways she can help.

It may be cliche to say, but this entire Love Project is truly changing our lives.

It is changing the way we operate as a family, believing that no DREAM is too big or out of reach. It is changing how we listen to our children and support their ideas, no matter how “impractical” they may seem to us old people. It is changing our relationships with God, reminding us that our God is a personal, practical, and engaging God. It is changing the way we view our faith, and showing us WHY we need a child-like faith. A family who started off as complete strangers to us just 13 weeks ago, are becoming sweet and precious friends, and it was our six year old daughter, who truly brought us together.

This week, we launched Jordyn’s December Fundraiser, and raised $165. We are still quite a bit off from our goal this month, but trusting that God will provide, one way or the other. We are constantly being surprised by God in this process, and have enjoyed watching Him bring so many people together to love another family.

If you are open to helping us get the word out about Faith Like A Child, Inc, and our fundraising effort for Jenna’s Trip to Disney, here are a few things you can do:

1. Pray for our ministry, that God would continue to give us wisdom and discernment, and would bring in the money we need to give this trip to the Spille Family.

2. Donate: Just $5 gives you a chance to win 1 of 10 gifts in this month’s Fundraiser, including this one-of-a-kind original painting by Jenna. If everyone who is following this journey gave just $5 in the next couple of weeks, we would surpass our goal.

3. Share one or both of these links in your social media: Jenna and/or December Fundraiser.

4. Join the journey on Facebook: God’s Got This (Jenna’s Page) or Faith Like A Child, Inc. (Our Page).

Thank you so much friends for all of your love and support! We were able to send Jenna and her family a BIG pack of Disney Fun about a week ago, sharing all the information on the Parks, Dining Plans, Resort, and unfolding some of Jordyn’s ideas for their trip already. The excitement is truly starting to generate, and we are so excited to watch the rest unfold.

We could not do this without you friends, and appreciate YOUR support so much!!

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