How to Research Love Projects

DSC_0185When beginning a new Love Project with your family, it is a good idea to look behind the scenes to figure out how you can maximize the learning experience with your kids. We have learned so much in the past 18 months because we purposely looked for teachable moments (for both our children, and ourselves). Research the ideas your children have come up with to serve others and create an action plan together.

Good questions to consider would be:

  1. How much will the total Love Project cost? Finding out what the total cost of the project, or the number of items that need to be collected is the first place to start. If you are raising money for a project, search the internet for prices to get a ballpark figure.
  2. Will you need to raise money, materials, or goods? Seek the ideas of your children to find out how they want to raise the money or items needed. Their ideas are likely to be way out of the box of what you would think of and will give them ownership of the project.
  3. How big do you want to make this Love Project? It is okay to foster the ideas of your children, while still setting parameters around the project. For instance, when Jordyn decided she wanted to send Jenna to Disney World, she wanted to make the trip 10 weeks long. And, when she first wanted to fill the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, she wanted to fill 1 million! Through discussing what the initial ideas would look like, how much they would cost, and the time we would need to put into them, Jordyn then decided to lower her original goals.
  4. How much time do you want to devote to this Love Project? While many Love Projects can be spontaneous as you see needs around you, others will take time to think through and plan. 1) Figure out how many hours you think it will take you to complete the project. 2) Decide how many hours each week your family is able to give to the project. 3) THEN, choose your completion date.
  5. Can this project be done locally? There is such a great benefit to your family and your community when you are able to complete your Love Project locally. If you are raising money or collecting goods, being able to obtain donations locally is much easier. Of note, the bigger corporations tend to have more policies in place to prohibit local donations, while the local “mom and pop shops” tend to have the autonomy to make their own decisions about donating. If you are either a 501c3 yourself, or backed by one, you will have a better chance of receiving donations.
  6. If you homeschool, how can we incorporate this Love Project into school each day? We know many homeschooling families and have seen how these projects can touch every aspect of homeschooling – Bible, English, Language, Math, History, Health, Social-Skills, Business, Leadership, Speech, Writing, Reading, Art, Thinking/Reasoning, and so much more.
  7. If you don’t know where to start, do you personally know anyone in the field of your Love Project that can help point you in the right direction? There are not enough hours in the day for us to be an expert in everything, or even 1% of everything for that matter. Know your limitations and don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek advice. What you teach your children in the process is that it is okay not to have all the answers, but you can find the answers.

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Help us grow this list! What questions do you have pertaining to researching a Love Project? You can leave a comment below!

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