This post was originally part of a letter our six year old daughter Jordyn wrote to Disney World to tell them about her new friend Jenna. We did some minor edits to share her heart with you!

Hi friends. I want to tell you about Jenna. This is her picture:

She is 15 years old and she has brain cancer. She is beautiful and she loves Jesus. I read about her every day and I have been praying God would make her okay. My mom had cancer too, and so did Samantha’s mommy, so I know Jenna will be okay.

I want to do something special for Jenna and her family. I want to send them to Disney World to help her family have a good time when she is done taking all her medicine. She is in between Disneyland and Disney World, but I want her to go to Disney World, because it’s closest to us.

I told my mom I wanted to bring her family out for 10 weeks, but mama said 1 week would be better. My mom and I looked at how much it would cost to bring Jenna to Disney for a week, stay in one of their hotels, and eat their food. Depending when they come out, it will be about $12,000 – $15,000. I have come up with 11 different ways I can raise money; like lemonade stands, garage sales, painting pictures and selling them. Oh, and having my friends come over and paying me to play games with them.

After talking to some people at Hollywood Studios and Coronado Springs hotel, they told me to write a letter to Disney to tell them about Jenna, how I want to bring her to Disney World, and what I want her to do.

Here is what I want Jenna to do.

  1. I want Jenna to be okay and I hope her hair doesn’t fall out from the medicine. But if it does, I am going to cut my hair and donate it for kids who don’t have hair. I did this when Samantha’s mommy lost her hair too. (When Jenna’s hair came out, Jordyn asked us to take her straight to a salon so she could donate her hair to Locks of Love.)
  2. I want her to fly to Florida from Colorado in an airplane.
  3. I want her family to spend a week going to all the Disney parks.
  4. I want Jenna to meet Cinderella. She LOVES Cinderella, and when she was my age, she used to dress up like Cinderella. I don’t do that. I dress up like Belle, because Belle is my favorite.
  5. I want Jenna to stay at the Coronado Springs hotel and go to your pool. You have the best pool.
  6. I want Jenna to eat your food (Meal Plan). You have the best food and I want her to eat lots of ice cream.
  7. I want Jenna to get lots of fast passes so she doesn’t have to wait in line.
  8. I want Jenna to eat a really big, ginormous lollipop.
  9. I want Jenna to eat lunch with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.
  10. I want Jenna to go on the Yeti ride because it freaks my daddy out and he screams like a little girl.
  11. I want Jenna to go to Disney Jr. so she can collect ribbon, gold doubloons, and pop the bubbles.
  12. I want Jenna and her family to spend time together and have lots of fun.

I also met Cinderella and Belle and got to tell them about Jenna.

Will you help me make this dream come true for Jenna?

Thank you so much!


UPDATE: This Love Project has been completed, and Jordyn was able to accomplish everything on her wish list for Jenna. Please check out this post (and the following posts) to read about Jenna’s trip! A HUGE thank you to every person who helped make this happen!!!

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  4. What an amazing young lady. I will share this with others. I think that it is a very sweet thing you are doing.
    When I lost my hair, my daughter wanted to donate her’s, but I asked her to keep it for her high school graduation pictures.
    I will pray that you get all the donations you need and also that God will Bless you and you family.

    • Thank you Lynn! God is already working and we have been so excited to watch HIM work in and through our daughter. Appreciate you helping to get the word out!

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  22. Jordyn, Fundraisers are a very good way to raise money for a cause like yours and they are worth every bit of the work when you see tears in a youngsters eyes or smiles so big as when a child who is going through an illness, like cancer, when their dream vacation Is going to happen. When my then 14-year old grandaughter finished her treatments she found out that a charitable foundation was sending her and her family on a cruise to the Bahamas she was the happiest we had seen her in 2 years. I cried then and I am teary-eyed reading your idea. I am praying you can raise a lot of money for your friend from Colorado. By the way my grandaughter has been in remission for 5 years now. So miracles do happen.
    From a southern Granny.

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