Love Project Ideas

Acts of love do not need to be extravagant, they just need to come from your heart. Here are 25 ideas to get you started.

  1. Go through the drive thru just to buy lunch for the person behind you
  2. Go to a thrift store and see if you can help sort donations
  3. Buy a couple of stuffed animals and get-well cards (Bring them to your local children’s hospital. You may need to contact the Chaplain or Donation Office ahead of time.)
  4. Write a letter to someone
  5. Bake cookies or brownies and bring them over to a friend/Police/Fire Dept
  6. Cook dinner as a family for someone else
  7. Make no-sew fleece blankets for the Cancer-Wing at your hospital
  8. Randomly give someone $20
  9. Buy a bouquet of flowers and give away each flower one at a time
  10. Put away all the carts in a grocery parking lot
  11. Tape quarters to gumball machines
  12. Leave a thank you note in a public bathroom for the person who cleans it
  13. Bring flowers and balloons to a children’s hospital (Hand them out one by one to the children and parents in the waiting room.)
  14. Buy coloring books and crayons for your local Preschool
  15. Fill Easter Eggs and leave an Easter Egg hunt for someone (Do this in a month nowhere close to Easter.)
  16. Go to a Dollar Store and leave dollar bills on some of the items
  17. Give out bracelets (silly bandz) one by one to kids
  18. Make get-well cards and combine them with a small bottle of lotion (Bring them to a Cancer Center and give them to people in the waiting rooms.)
  19. Drop off stuffed animals to your local Fire or Police Dept for these heroes to give to a child who needs a snuggly pal
  20. Bring a meal to a local widow
  21. Invite a family over for dinner
  22. Make small bags with a sweet snack and a note saying, “thank you for serving me today!” (Hand these bags out to people who help your family throughout the day.)
  23. Put together a care package for the homeless (Find someone to give it to.)
  24. Write and send a note to a military member who is deployed
  25. Put a care package together for a military member who is deployed

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