Operation Christmas Child 2015

I am collecting items to fill 1,000 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this year, as part of my 5,000 Shoebox Youth Challenge. I have been going to different stores, hotels, and businesses asking for donations. I also used some of the money I had already raised to help get me started. So far I think I am doing really good. What do you think?

Each time I get more stuff I will update the amount here. My mom calls this math.

If I could send my shoebox anywhere in the world, I would send it to Nepal or Haiti. I would send the box to Nepal because they had a bad earthquake and many people lost everything they had. If I received a shoebox filled with a teddy bear, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, some clothes and toys after I lost everything, it would make me really, really, really, happy. I would also like to send a shoebox to Haiti because I know the people are poor and do not have a lot, so I think they would also be happy to receive the gift.

I would love to hear what you like to put in your shoeboxes. Will you comment below and let me know? HAHA! That rhymed.

2,206 bars of Soap – completed

1,204/1200 tubes of toothpaste

1,451 toothbrushes – completed

1,000 washcloths – completed

1,293 large combs – completed

512/1200 notebooks, journals, paper

2432 pencils

1252 pencil sharpeners – completed

1745 Pens

778/1200 extra school supplies (Rulers, Glue Sticks, Scissors)

2884 packets of crayons + 3000 single crayons

860/1200 child clothing items (shirts, socks, and hats, sandals, etc)

1399/1200 large extra items (colored pencils, pens, markers, calculators, cups)

3010/1200 small extra items (necklaces, bead sets, etc)

725 Stuffed Animals

3086/2400 toys

1621 Spinning Tops

1859/1200 Bracelets

2200 pieces of candy

Rubber Bands

Packing Tape

2400 Small Plastic Bags

1347 shoeboxes – completed (YAY!!!)

If you would like to help me fill these boxes, please the donate button on the right side of my page. Your entire donation (minus Paypal fees) will go directly towards filling these shoeboxes. Thank you so much for helping me help others.

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