How to Keep the Purity of Your Ministry

One area of Faith Like A Child we are very cautious in is keeping our ministry as pure and clean-cut as we can. Not only do we try to keep the ideas of our children as close to their original ideas as possible, but we have also structured Faith Like A Child to be a business – separate in many ways from our family. If you are considering doing something similar with your family, we’d love to provide you with 7 ways to help protect your family Love Project Ministry.

1. Work with or start a 501c3 (Non-Profit Organization) so that all money or items donated can go through channels that are governed with higher accountability. The advantage of this is that all money or items donated will be given a tax-deduction for the person who donated.

2. Create a Board of Directors who have the majority votes for your ministry. We ask our Board of Directors to vote on each Major Love Project before we begin and either approve or disapprove of the idea. We chose trusted friends who would keep us accountable in all areas of Faith Like A Child.

3. Create a mission and vision statement for your Ministry. Make sure all projects reflect the core of your ministry.

4. If you will allow advertisements or will promote different companies, make sure these companies align with the purpose and mission of your ministry.

5. If you will partner with another organization for one of your projects, make sure their purpose and mission aligns with your ministry.

6. Keep separate checking/savings accounts.

7. Make sure no parent or Board Member is profiting off the ministry. If you offer a product or service in an area where you already have a business, either offer the products/services for free, or roll the profits, proceeds, or royalties back into the ministry.

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