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Since you just can’t separate these two, these paintings of Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be offered together. They were painted by Jordyn and signed by both characters at Disney World.

Jordyn had a great time telling both Mickey and Minnie about Jenna, what God is doing, and how she cannot wait for these rodents to meet Jenna and her family. (Okay, rodents was my word… as I am allergic to mice!)

Our major fundraiser this week will be to have Jordyn randomly choose one person or family who donates $10 or more to Faith Like A Child, Inc. this week to give these paintings to. On Friday morning, around 7:30a.m. EST, Jordyn will choose the recipient of the gifts.

If you would like to participate, please click on the button below to donate via Paypal. All proceeds are helping to bring sweet Jenna and her family to Disney World after she finishes her medicine.

To see the other fundraisers currently in progress, please click here!

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Please continue to pray for Jenna as she begins her third cycle of chemo today!! Thank you so much for all of your help continuing to get the word out, and your sweet words of love and encouragement! God’s Got This!

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