Goal Met: Mind Blown

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DSC_0335If I could have taken a 5 second video clip of my absolute favorite moment from last week, it would have been Jordyn running off the stage after a HUGE announcement and jumping into the arms of her friend Ken Davis!

Let me back up…

Todd and I have wanted to attend the Launch Conference for a long time now. We knew this conference would give us the tools we needed to properly structure and merge our two family ministries. Even before what happened on that very last day, we were overwhelmed with information and excited about all the possibilities of how to maximize what we do!

Many of you know Ken Davis has been an encourager for Jordyn and her Love Projects from the very beginning of FLAC. When Jordyn, at 6 years old, decided to send Jenna and her family to Disney World, Ken jumped on board and helped us get the word out. He also donated his books, videos, CD’s, and time being a sounding board for Todd and I as we struggled with putting her out in the world. He believed in our little girl, what she was doing, and encouraged us to let God work through her.

DSC_03342 years later, Jordyn has stayed friends with Ken. She has written him letters, has had a couple of meals with him, been to Disney World with him and his family, mimicked his magic tricks (like making her donut disappear), and absolutely adores him. She loves being around him. I think it’s because he is a rare kind of person who exudes the joy of Jesus. Who doesn’t want to be around someone like that??

So, when Todd and I told Jordyn we were going to see Mr. Ken at the Launch Conference, she got very excited and asked if she could see him too. We arranged breakfast and when Ken asked about her new adventures she told him what she was up to. As she shared her goal of collecting 2,000 toys for St. Jude a desire stirred within him to help her once again. Jordyn didn’t ask him for help, but he felt the Spirit of God to encourage the heart of our little girl. There is something so powerful when other adults invest in your children. It is a precious, precious gift.

Not only did Ken reach into his wallet to give her money to buy more toys, but the gears in his head began to turn and an idea was formulating. Later that night, he asked Todd and I if we were okay if he interviewed Jordyn on the last day of the conference. But, until that morning, we had no idea what he was going to do.

The morning came and I found myself a little nauseated. While I completely trust Ken, it is scary not knowing what will come out of the mouth of an 8 year old child, on stage… in front of people… LIVE… when I have absolutely no control… yes, I am still learning through this.

DSC_0338 DSC_0340Ken showed the clip from Alabama’s 13 where our local NBC station aired her story of collecting toys for St. Jude and then he brought her up on stage. I was already getting teary-eyed by this point watching her run up on stage, as the crowd stood and clapped for her. She sat down and the interview was on. Ken shared a little more information about FLAC, the Love Projects, and asked Jordyn a few questions. The interview went great and then Ken shared that we were still in need of about 500 toys. What came next totally and completely overwhelmed Todd and I – in fact, rendered us speechless. Ken encouraged the Launch Conference attendees to feel what he felt when he gave Jordyn the money to purchase more toys, and shared the Launch staff’s goal of raising $5,000 that morning so Jordyn could finish her goal.

DSC_0358 DSC_0357As the Speakers did their final Q & A of the Conference, the attendees gave SO generously. As soon as the Q & A was done, Joy Groblebe of The Frontline Group brought Jordyn back on stage and announced our new friends had given $5,078 to Faith Like A Child so Jordyn could purchase the rest of the toys she needed to bring to St. Jude.


Jordyn seemed overwhelmed to hear the news as well, thanked everyone for their support, and jumped off the stage. She ran right passed us with the biggest smile on her face and jumped into Ken’s arms!! What a beautiful moment.

Once again friends from Launch. THANK YOU!! Thank you for allowing us to share our story throughout the week. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for being a part of Jordyn’s story. Thank you for your generous hearts to give in such an overwhelming way. Thank you for believing in what Jordyn is doing. Many of you didn’t know this, but leading into this conference, Todd and I felt a bit unsure of what God has been calling us to do. We know where our passion is, but currently have some limitations we have struggled to balance. The gift you gave Faith Like A Child goes way beyond the children at St. Jude’s. Your gift was the final stamp we needed to stop allowing our limitations to distract us from our passions. Your gift encouraged us to the depth of who we are and ignited an even deeper passion to reach more people with our story and with this ministry.

Our challenge to you friends is to look around you and find the needs. They are both big and small. It may be giving a cold cup of water to a homeless person. It may be stopping by an elderly home to visit someone who is lonely. It may be making a donation to a ministry you are passionate about. Whatever comes to mind right now as you read this blog, do what Ken and so many people at the conference did last week – TAKE ACTION!

We’d love to hear YOUR story and would love for you to come join us on Facebook! There will be a HUGE shopping spree this week and additional excitement as we deliver the toys to St. Jude. We cannot WAIT to post pictures and share what only GOD has done through the hands and feet of so many people!

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  1. It was definitely a life altering experience, one that I was glad I could share with you. I am one very proud grandma!

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