Operation Christmas Child 2016

occ2016We are at it again here at FLAC and all aboard for Operation Christmas Child! Our garage is slowly filling up and we are about to dive head first into OCC prep these next few weeks.

Before we share the items we will be packing this year, I wanted to share some super fun news. Remember Jordyn’s Youth Challenge from last year? Well, we have recently been in contact with many of the churches and organizations that filled shoebox gifts for this challenge; and we were so surprised to learn that many of them have DOUBLED their goals. What is funny about this, is that before we heard from any of them, Jordyn had also doubled her goal and is now working towards filling 2,000 shoebox gifts. So, as of now, there are another 8,000 shoebox gifts that are planning to be packed because of Jordyn’s Youth Challenge last year. How AMAZING is that?

I love that not only are the organizations continuing to fill shoebox gifts, but are extending their goals to reach more children!!

Here are the items we are collecting for this year’s Packing Party in November. I will do my best to update all of the totals as we receive more items.

Toothbrushes – 2028/2000 – provided

Toothpaste – 2005/2000 – provided

Combs 2016/2000 – provided

Soap – 4102/4000 – provided

Soap Containers – 2,000/2,000 – provided

Clothing – 2,139/2,000 – provided (but, still collecting)

Notebooks – 2,031/2,000 – provided

Pencils packs – 2016/2,000 – provided

Toys for Boys – 2,245/2,000 – provided

Purse for Girls – 1,000/1,000 – provided

Girl Craft Supplies – 2,000/2,000 – provided

Boy Craft Supplies – 1,000/1,000 – provided

Stuffed Animals – 669/1000

Washcloths – 551

School Supplies – 530

Extra Toys – 286

Small Items (Misc) – 200

Bags of Candy – 132

Shoeboxes – 2300/2,000 – provided

Rubber bands – provided

Tape – provided

87 Cartons – provided

Please be praying that God will continue to work through those around us to accomplish this goal.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19