Pampered Chef Party

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Need a good gift idea for your boss, coworker, neighbor, teachers?? Seriously, how cute is this??

Get the Classic Batter Bowl or Small Batter Bowl and fill it with a recipe!! Its a great gift and not too expensive to do. When filled, simply tie a big ribbon around the bowl and Voila!! A fabulous Christmas gift!! Order from this link and Kim will ALSO send you some recipes you can put in it!

Kim will send you a cookie recipe, chili, cornbread, and a surprise recipe with your order well!! Please keep in mind that 15% of all proceeds for this month’s Pampered Chef Party are going to Faith Like A Child, Inc.

There are only 3 days left to order. So, please check out Kim’s website here, or the Facebook Party page for more ideas and product information. Thanks so much for everyone who has already participated. These parties have been a fun way to help raise money for Jenna’s family!

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