One Person, One Passion, Lives Restored

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DSC_3077While we were at St. Jude delivering the toys for the children, we were fortunate to have a private tour of the Pavillion. This stunning building is chock full of information on the mission, purpose, and history of St. Jude. It was again, a whirlwind of emotions. There were moments that caused me to get choked up as I saw the beautiful faces of the sick children. Yet, at the same time, there was so much hope instilled in that room!

As we toured the Pavillion, a few stories and statistics stood out to us. Like these two:


How amazing is that?? And, then we reached these two beautiful faces:


When I asked Jordyn if she remembered who Jennifer Anniston was, she looked at me and said, “Of course. She’s in Just Go With It!” Yes. Yes, she is. But, that’s not exactly what I was referring to. I asked Jordyn if she remembered the commercial from St. Jude that made her want to do this Love Project. Oh yeah!! That’s HER! It was so fun to stand in the middle of the Pavillion and see a picture of the two people who reached into our daughter’s soul and tugged at her heart strings.

And, then just a little while later, I saw this….

DSC_3056 DSC_3061

I got full body chills as I read what Jordyn is pointing to above, “Tony Thomas works with Jennifer Anniston and JORDYN, a patient, on the set of a St. Jude Thanks and Giving Commercial.” The precious girl who was receiving treatment from St. Jude; the girl who was the very inspiration behind this Love Project, the girl whose eyes locked with our daughter’s through a television screen and reached into the depths of who our daughter is – HER NAME IS JORDYN!! Same name as our daughter – spelling and all! I was totally blown away! Wow!!!

As we left the Pavillion, we couldn’t help but be inspired and filled with HOPE! Truth be told, we didn’t know a whole lot about St. Jude before doing this project. We knew they were a Research Hospital, helped really sick children and didn’t charge one dime for their care. And while that is amazing, St. Jude is so much more than that. They provide phenomenal care, food, toys, and even have three homes available for families in need while their children are undergoing treatment. In fact, it costs St. Jude $1.8 million EACH DAY to provide for their patients and 70% of their support comes from families just like yours and mine!! It truly is remarkable.

St. Jude began with one man, Danny Thomas, who had a vision that no child should die in the dawn of life. He wanted a place that was not just a treatment center for children, but a research center to help cure children even if a family could not pay. And, that is exactly what St. Jude has become – a leading research hospital, curing childhood diseases, and reaching some of the poorest and sickest children around the world.

One man. One vision. Thousands of lives restored.

It is truly remarkable what can happen from the vision and passion of just one person. So, how about you friend? Dream BIG with us! What is your vision and passion? YOU can make a difference. Your reach is much bigger than you think.

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