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This is the only word to describe yesterday, in fact, the last week or so…

Yesterday morning, Jenna’s family was told after the last three rounds of chemo that the cancer appeared to be inactive, but hadn’t melted away like it should have. What used to be an inoperable tumor, was now possibly operable, but her doctors needed to discuss her case before they proceeded. If she needed brain surgery, this would postpone her radiation therapy until after her head healed.

Can you imagine receiving this news after dealing with so much toxicity and the awful side effects of chemo? Jenna has basically been fighting nausea for 18 weeks straight. At least when you are going through chemo and you feel horrible, you trust the “ends will justify the means” and the chemo will do what it is supposed to do. My heart SANK when I heard this news.

However, roughly 4 hours later, the doctors call back after having a meeting of the minds. They concluded what they were seeing on Jen’s MRI is scar tissue from the chemo, not an inactive tumor, and that the chemo WORKED. Now, Jenna will not need the surgery and can begin radiation therapy the day after Christmas. WOW!!!!

We also know a few other families who are in need of your prayers:

1. A childhood friend learned that the liver transplant for their 4 year old son “S”, who has an aggressive type of cancer, is likely not the best option anymore. After 10 months of chemo, this sweet boy was only in “remission” for 6 weeks before more tumors were found. He started chemo again, and will remain on chemo until the doctors figure out the next best move.

2. After being in a coma for a week after a horrible accident, the cousin of some close friends of ours opened his eyes and squeezed his mama’s hand yesterday! YAY GOD!!! “J” still has a long road of recovery, but what an incredible gift to a family who were discussing whether or not to take him off life support.

3. Sweet just-turned-one-year-old Sophia is in her 3rd cycle of chemo for leukemia. After everything her precious little body is going through, her smile is still one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see!

4. A friend of ours learned her little baby boy growing in her tummy would not survive birth. He passed away the other day in utero and was delivered. The funeral is tomorrow.

Thank you friends for praying. We appreciate your love.

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