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We have two more “sleeps” until Jordyn’s Packing Party for her Operation Christmas Child project! And, God is continuing to do His God-thing and providing left and right. Yesterday, I shared this awesomeness from Ruskin Christian School!!

Well, just a few hours later, the door bell rang and a HUGE box was sitting on our door step. When I saw the label, I broke out into a huge smile!! The label was from U.S. School Supply!! Last week as we were taking inventory, Jordyn and I noticed we were VERY short on pencils. Her response, “Let’s find a pencil maker and call them!” So, we did!! Jordyn got on the phone with me, and shared who she was and what she was doing with the lady on the phone. I piped in here and there to give a little more explanation, and we were placed on hold. This lady chatted with the President of U.S. School Supply and asked us to send him a letter telling him what we were doing.

A few hours later, we received this email:

Hi Jordyn.

Thanks for your email. I am impressed you are doing such a nice thing for
other kids.  I would be happy to send you some pencils. Send me your parents
home address and I will send it to you.

Bryan Kibler
U.S. School Supply, Inc.

I love, love, LOVE, that Mr. Kibler wrote his letter to Jordyn! She was so excited!! Just a few days later, this amazing box of 948 pencils was delivered to our doorstep!!

THANK YOU so much Mr. Kibler and U.S. School Supply!! We are blown away by your generosity and willingness to help us out!!

And then, as we were sorting through the pencils, we received a phone call from one of Jordyn’s Sunday School teachers who wanted to donate $100 to buy more supplies for the project. WOW!!! So, off to Walmart we went and asked them to match another store’s prices. With this price, we were able to get 150 notebooks ($.17 each), 1600 plastic ziploc bags, and 36 washcloths AND still have $30 left over!!!

I told friends at church last night, it is like Christmas at our house every single day right now!!! We are SO excited for Saturday!! What is so amazing about this project is that it is obvious God! While our 7 year old has a big goal and a big dream, only God could have provided all of items on her wish list so far. Yes, Jordyn is working very hard to seek out donations, make phone calls, and send emails – but we behind every “yes” (and what great life lessons we are learning in the “no’s”), God is the one blessing Jordyn’s heart and faith in this project.

We see God in every family and organization who has donated time, money or items; every organization who has discounted items or matched prices, every person who has prayed, and in every person who has volunteered to pack boxes for Saturday. I see God answering our daughter’s nightly prayer to bless her OCC project and provide for children who have nothing. And, while hearing those words from a 7 year old voice breaks me, it also leaves me totally, completely, and crazy overwhelmed by the goodness, mercy, love, and compassion of God! The children all over the world who receive these boxes are HIS too, and we are humbled that He is allowing us to be small part of showing HIS love for them!

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