St. Jude Love Project Complete – 2,187 Toys Given

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“Thank you everyone for helping out! I am sure it made all the kids very, very, very happy!” Jordyn


We had a phenomenal trip to St. Jude yesterday. As the kids asked, “Are we there yet?” every ten minutes (it was about a 5 hour drive), Todd and I tried to keep reminding ourselves that we would eventually get there! As we pulled up to St. Jude, it was a very overwhelming experience. I had that gut-wrenching feeling of knowing there are so many children in that hospital who are really, really sick – some needing a miracle in order to live. Coupled with the extreme joy and excitement of what we were there to do, it was a roller coaster of emotions.


We took a few pictures and met new friends. One of the employees wife and daughter had seen FLAC’s story on their local news that morning and came out to see us. It was such a precious moment to be able to share with another 8 year old and her sweet mama how God has provided all of these toys. The kids all took to each other quickly and were soon playing leap frog in the courtyard.


When the local news media showed up, they interviewed Jordyn and we unloaded the trailer into the big truck. It was so fun to watch all our hard work over the last 4 months culminate to this moment of giving the toys to St. Jude. I watched as both of our kids struggled with carrying big boxes while grinning ear to ear. They were so excited!


Jordyn told us this morning, “It felt amazing to bring the boxes of toys to St. Jude. I thought, wow, I could really, really do this! The kids will be SO happy!”

You won’t want to miss our post next week. Something happened yesterday that just completely took our breath away and we are VERY excited to share it with you! (We just need to get permission first!) Thank you again to every person who has supported this project! We could not have done this without you!

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