How Many Times do I Have to Tell You?

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DSC_3327Please tell me your family is like ours?? Do you ever find yourself shocked at how many times you have to tell your children to do the same things over and over and over again?

Please eat your food.

Please go brush your teeth.

Please feed the dog.

I know we homeschool, but please get dressed at least one day this week!

As we were in the car this weekend working on the Love Project for St. Jude, I found myself grinning from ear to ear. The kids were singing to Jesus at the top of their lungs (I’m not totally sure what that phrase means, but I think it means really loud), and, it struck me… As many times as I have to tell my kids to do the same things over and over again, there are some things Todd and I never have to tell them to do.

  1. Sing to Jesus, on key/off key, on beat/off beat – it doesn’t matter.
  2. Run excitedly to the door and jump into daddy’s arms when he gets home from work.
  3. Climb onto our laps to snuggle.
  4. Give us hugs when we are sad.
  5. Laugh hysterically at silly movies.
  6. Come to us when they feel scared or need to feel safe.
  7. Tell really bad jokes that make no sense, but are hilarious to them.
  8. Create. Imagine. Think outside the box.
  9. Get excited about little things like ladybugs, lollipops, and the treasure box at the Dentist’s office.
  10. Dream BIG

It’s easy as parents to feel like we are simply micro-managers of little humans. But at some point those tiny little feet we once kissed will be giant man feet we need to fumigate. This week, let’s worry less about how much time we spend reminding our children to clean their rooms, and purposely look for the small moments where our children just do things because they are kids, and that’s what they do. I know someday, all too soon, we’ll wish we spent more time soaking in their sweet personalities and investing in their big dreams, than worrying about how well they cleaned the dinner table!

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