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“I asked my mama to write a book so I could sell it.” – Jordyn

Yesterday, we received another check from Amazon for $170 for The Staycation Jar. So far, this fundraiser has brought in $860 for Jordyn and has been an easy fundraiser to get people excited about and share with their family and friends.

A few months ago our family compiled our ideas from our own Family Staycation and put together this E-book, for only $2.99.

The Staycation Jar is filled with 200 Family Fun Ideas, with 50 ideas in each of the following categories:

Creative Meals – This idea came from a long-standing family tradition of doing Crazy Dinners. The ideas range from Ice Cream Sundaes for breakfast to eating Candy Apples and watching Snow White, or eating “Dirt in a Cup” while watching Tangled, some special recipes are also linked.

Main Events – The main events will be the major activity for the day. The ideas range from Theme Parks to Cultural Centers, renting a boat/canoe/kayak, museums, aquariums, and Behind the Scene Tours for your favorite Dinner Shows.

Silliness – This category was our attempt to add some laughter and spontaneity to our days. Our ideas ranged from water fights (ours started inside our house – whoops!), finger painting a portrait as a family, writing a story together with each person contributing one line at a time, to sending secret messages with homemade invisible ink.

The Love Projects were my love’s idea and truly became our favorite category each day. Every day of our Staycation we would find fun ways to meet the needs of others, or find someone to help. Some of the ideas range from baking brownies for the Fire or Police Dept, to bringing food and supplies to a local Food Bank, going through a drive thru just to buy lunch for the person behind you, or leaving an extra large tip for a waitress.

All proceeds from The Staycation Jar will continue to go directly to Faith Like A Child, Inc. to help Jordyn with her mission and Love Projects. (The proceeds come out to about $2.10 per book after Amazon takes out their 30% fee!) Will you consider purchasing a copy today and help us spread the word?

The Staycation Jar is available right here on Amazon!

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