Week #1 Wrap Up

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Wow! What an unbelievable week we’ve had friends. Thank you so much for your precious words of encouragement, kindness, and help getting the word out about this new ministry.

The winner of Jordyn’s very first piece of artwork is Christi with a bid of $30! Thank you so much Christi for your support. Jordyn could not believe her painting brought in SO.MUCH.MONEY! Her eyes were so wide when I told her Christi, you should have seen her face! It was precious! To put this in perspective, yesterday we went to lunch and I told Jordyn we should tip our waitress. So, I asked her how much we should give her. She thought for a moment, and said, “You should give her A LOT of money! She did a good job!” I said, “Okay, how much is A LOT of money sweetheart!” She thought for a moment and said, “One nickel and one penny!” So, $30 is a lot of nickels and pennies Christi!!!

Friends, we raised a total of $655 this week (not counting The Staycation Jar sales as Amazon does monthly statements), with $11,845 to go! That is simply amazing my friends!!

Yesterday, we went to the bank so Jordyn could make her very first deposit. She decided she also wanted to hand out her business cards and tell people what she is doing. People AT THE BANK just started giving her more money to deposit into her business account!! How unbelievably precious is that?

Fundraiser #9 on Jordyn’s list is to “Ask people to help how they want to help!” In the last couple of days, we have had a few people generously tell us they would like to donate proceeds from their personal businesses to Faith Like A Child, Inc. What incredible family and friends we have!

So, we are going to throw this out there. If you are interested in donating proceeds from your business to help Jordyn raise the money she needs to help families going through difficult times, we will help you advertise. Please send an email to love@faithlikeachildinc.com with the following information.

1) Who you are and how you connected to Faith Like A Child, Inc.

2) A link to your business (Be it Facebook or personal website)

3) The mission statement of your business

4) How you would like to help Faith Like A Child, Inc.

Each month we will choose up to 10 businesses at the Management Team’s sole discretion to advertise under the Fundraising tab on Faith Like A Child, Inc. We will launch the first round on October 1st and see how the month goes!

Thank you again to every single person who has helped get the word out about this new ministry! We appreciate every single comment, “like”, and tweet!!!

To join Faith Like A Child, Inc. on Facebook, please go here!

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