Week #3 Wrap Up

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Congrats to Joe Lalonde for winning the Winnie the Pooh Collection with his purchase of The Staycation Jar. Thank you so much Joe for your support and help getting the word out!

This week, we raised $231.45, with a huge garage sale tomorrow (weather pending). We have had so many people gather around Jordyn from our church, and are hoping to have a lot of fun tomorrow, sharing Jesus and raising money to bring Jenna and her family to Disney World. Jordyn is so excited about the garage sale that she wants to miss her soccer game! Please continue to pray for Jenna and the side effects she is feeling from her chemotherapy. This is the toughest part, where she is about halfway through her chemo, not feeling well, and knowing she still has three more cycles to go before radiation therapy.

Jenna’s mama has just started a blog as her way of sharing with others how she is feeling and processing her daughter’s cancer. Please be sure to check it out here!

Please also don’t forget to check out our monthly October fundraisers, as we have many online parties and photography specials happening right now.

1. ADMIT Photography in Newport News, Va. To view a portfolio or book a session, please visit www.admitphotography.com and click “Contact”. Wes will be donating 15% of all sales for October.

2. Pampered Chef: Click here to shop online and have the products delivered straight to your home. Kim will be donating 15% of all sales for the Faith Like A Child, Inc. October Party.

3. Juice Plus: Check out www.SensibleJuicePlus.com to learn how your body can benefit from fruits and veggies in capsule form. Regi will be donating 20% of proceeds from sales from this month’s retail sales.

4. Photo Expressions by Victoria: Please go to my Facebook Page to check out the current photo up for grabs and to bid. 100% of proceeds will go to Faith Like A Child, Inc.

5. Scentsy: check out our scented, flameless candles here! Lynsey will be donating 10% of all proceeds from sales for those who purchase from this link!

A special thanks to Tammy and Jenny, TC Avey, Josh Hood, and Sundi Jo Graham for sharing Faith Like A Child, Inc on your websites this week. Another sweet shout out to the Robbins Family and Mr Floyd Samons for your support! Friends, thank you all for your love, support, encouragement, and for joining us in this journey! We are so excited to continue to watch God move.

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